Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mindfulness of the Body

Wright recently posted an article on mindfulness of the body with Buddhist practice which was a nice reminder of why I love yoga so much.  It tunes me in to balancing my life in the present, living as much in my front body and with mind on the future as my back body with memories in the past. It reminds me that I hold my tensions in on my own and how to consciously let them go.  You too?

Resting between my grandma Hazel's curtains in my bedroom window are my daily yoga reminders.  I made these yoga cards after realizing it would be a lot easier to paint them than to get Loosey to do all the sun salutation moves in photos (a true effort of mine;).  They were going to be Xmas gifts for everyone last year, but I ran out of energy and ran out of the will to repeat myself after making 3 ... ha... sorry.  I enjoyed making the yogis look like Chinese characters, somewhat, with fluid paint motions.  I used colored masking tape to make it look like ribbon holds them together into a sun salutation. Thanks mom and Alexandra for the pretty paper!


  1. They are beautiful! I am lucky to have received a set!
    And you are welcome for the paper, any time!

  2. I LOVE your sun salutation creation - everything about it is awesome!

    - fellow yogi :)

  3. Thank you!!! I'm grateful to have a whole community of supporters of treating ourselves well. Sometimes I need reminders and inspiration, like friends telling stories of relishing the show of doing yoga outside, or my little row of paintings to remember to take the time to enjoy the art of mindfulness of the body.


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