Thursday, May 19, 2011

the art of organizing our nests


 peaceful beauty

This thought is dedicated to those who use the placement of things as an art.  To Jenn, who I always thought was very artistic in her particularities about how things should be organized.  Like a science, a practice and an art.   Cady's houses always have such thought put into every decoration, with tidbits and creations carefully thrifted with frequent visits to second hand stores to build a feel of treasured history or forgotten heirlooms. And dedicated to mom, for helping me set up my place with sweet aesthetic touches that take time to decide upon, and she puts the time and love into it. Of course all the Holland-Mier's are fantastic at using their home as their palate.  And there are many more inspirations out there that I have helped show me how to to value this within myself - to appreciate the how the way we organize our material details serves us.

The whimsicals on my shelf are my little mementos reminding me who I am.  Yes, I am that forgetful.  They take me to places I have been and the relationships that have helped form me. That is the artform of memory.


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