Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh the places you will go (to get your craft on)

Feeling blah?  How or where could you transform that?

You've gotta have a set up at home that entices, but doesn't overwhem! Surround yourself with beauty. Enjoy the art of organization. Create easy access to your crafts. These things have helped me to enjoy my connection and time with art with more satisfaction.  I was just reading a book on the Tao of clearing clutter at lunch today, and loved the imagery provided for clearing obstructions that are in your way of connection to a higher level of life and clear spirited path.

I set up a shelf dedicated to art.  I keep my crafts supplies in suitcases too, because it looks so cute and vintagey.   In the smaller ones, I have projects ready to go to take on a trip or work on at a friends or coffee shop.

Crafting at exuberantly crafty friends houses is always glorious (name a material or tool and Alexandra has it!). Surround yourself with kind spirits who encourage you to pursue your love for creative expression.

Sometimes a separate studio is necessary for all those supplies, especially when your goal is to share it with others as my mom does in her workshops where she hosts artist to teach others.  Fun place to play and visit (BLOOM!). It is as divine to do art guided in someone else's workshop as it is to go to a really yummy yoga class from your favorite instructor. Plus you can dedicate yourself fully in a dedicated environment.

Even the local bike repair collective has an art night each week.  Of course they do, what else would a bunch of DIYers do with left over parts and welding kits.  I have enjoyed quite a few Crafternoons at Bicas.

And of course there are CraftyCraft Craft parties.  Open a bottle of wine, invite friends to bring their projects and get silly :) The last of these photos in this group is a swap of clothes (I consider dressing up an art, hobby, expression and way to add beauty and fun to life). Swaps are awesome for teaching the lesson of sharing and joy of letting go of the old.

 We like to get out sometimes... the local coffee shop doesn't mind our boxes of art supplies and we love the treats to eat.

Ah, lots of good memories and hopefully more where that came from.

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  1. Crafting with you always inspires me so much! Thanks for making time to do this with me so often.


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