Thursday, January 12, 2012

You've Got to be Kind to Yourself

Create Intention
My friend James was talking about trying to find ways to be better at taking her medicine, which brought us to thinking about motivations for being good to our bodies.

What if with each vitamin I took, I believed it not only had nutrients, but also kindness within it? What if it was just as important to give yourself affirmations as to take that motion to pop that prescription? If believing in yourself was required to create healthy habits, then we decided to do both at once.

Put Thoughts to Paper

We wrote messages that we need to tell ourselves on little hearts on pretty patterns of paper and taped them to our meds and vitamins.  I made sure to phrase my reminders in terms of the affirmation already being true, instead of an aspiration that lingers as something desired but not necessarily already accessible inside me. I even got carried away and now when I shake salt on food it even gives me a dose of encouragement.  Even my deodorant received a note.

My favorite one is the one I put on Loosey's valley fever meds that says, "I am nurtured and give back love ten-fold."  Here are some other good ones you can use too!

  • I am full of gratitude
  • I am enough
  • I make choices gracefully
  • I am open, accessible and accepting
  • I am resilient and strong
  • Control is an illusion
  • Life is beautiful
  • I enjoy opportunities to give
  • I trust my intuition

Merge Dose of Love with Dose of Med (tape)

Even Spices Provide Charmed Destinies

All Sorts of Goodness
A Moment in Front of the Medicine Cabinet

Here is a video of a song our ingenious puppeteer friend Elysia Hansel made related to the subject:

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