Saturday, July 6, 2013


The monsoon season reminds me how very present I feel when I am under clouds.  A rare treat in the desert reminding me of much needed rain for our flora and fauna. They give me such peace and a feeling of human dignity that I am inspired to make quote cards like this too.

If you are a cloud fan too, you may like some of these collections I have been crafting:

  • On Pinterest, I started a Rain is Hope series recently, celebrating our desert storms and ways to harvest their gifts.  The collection is photos of desert rainwater harvesting efforts and art that has an appreciation of rain.

  • On Tumblr, I created a space I call The Desert, Above to let others know about my book of cloud photos called Sonoran Unearthed. I also post some pics of my other cloud creations there like cards, a few pic previews from the book, poems, baubles of clouds and bird mobiles.

On both those sites I have shared many a great photo of clouds by others that I have found as well. Hope you enjoy my findings!

My sister also created this amazing gift for me.  She put my photography into a custom ViewMaster reel.  Then, to makes things even more amazing it got selected to be featured on their Favorite Friday.
Thanks Cady!  I adore it. Now i can review these moment s with the same type of back lit 3D beauty as when I first saw them.

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