Saturday, May 7, 2011

Altered Images

This is me and Loosey, daydreaming. 

This is impossible love.  

This is Loo and Roo in Wonderland.


I have missed having Photoshop.  I used to use it at my job in Flagstaff and my boss, Neil, let me install it on my own laptop.  It was so fun. Although I missed it when that laptop died when moved to Tucson, I made the most of using PowerPoint to play with images. I like using a program to the limit... making-do brings a very satisfying kind of creativity to the table. 

So...  for the image at the top of this post, I used a mural which I took a photo of in Bisbee.  The mural is on a motel up the hill, which by the way, allows dogs.  The mural painting was based on a poem, but I have forgotten what the poem is.  Using PowerPoint, I chopped my photo up into my favorite elements, repeating some of them in different sizes, added feathers and a bike with side-car... vintage of course, put that Amelia Ehrhart hat on Loosey as I have always wanted to see her in, and dreamed away, imagining her ears flop in the wind. Yes, I am wearing a Rainbow Brite costume. In the real photo, I think I am dancing with Alexandra... but of course! Do you see the tiny version of us?

The second image down was made back when I did have Photoshop. I stuck together about 7 different images- all stolen from a google image search for key words... sorry original artists!  The originals included images from some of the first Valentine cards produced.  I think I was going for a punky vintage look. This was before I knew steampunk was a word, but it does remind me of that a bit.  The Victorian people seem to have some troubles, and where you see the acrobats, there is some risk taking and saving going on, but I found my creation to be some how representing some kind of strained endurance that sadly represents just about how relationships seemed to have to be to me at the time. But I believe it is a piece of art I am proud to have created, for the pretty end-results and valiant efforts... on many levels.  I love the creative feel of the plush carpet and really enjoyed making wallpaper from an image I found into the frame.

In recent news, Stuart helped me to buy a student version of Photoshop recently. So, Yay! I shall indulge again!  The last altered image is a favorite shot I took of Loosey and Roofrauff when they were housemates in the Flower house. I individually swirled and pointed everything and then overlaid some effects to the whole image.  Stuey is going to teach me some tricks soon too, he said.

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