Sunday, August 28, 2011

Adornments for the Adored

Ideas for creations come easy when inspired by the unique qualities of life that I find in friends. Here are some gifts I crafted to suit some friends, which I gave to them for birthdays and holidays, recently and in past years.   
I am already getting started on some Solstice gifts this year because creativity comes most joyfully when it has a spontaneous or relaxed pace for me.  Having a person to think about when making jewelry makes it come out so much better. 

Salvaged feathers strung up like treasures along a variety of earthy colored beads and variety of metals (real silver and copper and gold toned) for Joleen's Bday.  Joleen has inspirational style and an eye for picking out perfect outfits for friends to match and enhance their personalities, so I hope I succeeded as well.  She likes to wear, and got me interested in, asymmetrical things, so this is a earring of one.

Here is the first necklace I made for Rachel for her birthday a few years ago.  Rachel helped me to appreciate shiny things. If it weren't for her, I may have never taken to cut crystals. The shine on this necklace comes from silver and cane glass as well.  The blues are her favorite and I threw in some contrasting colors to make it stand out more.  The glass beads also include some antique opaque whites. The clear beads are not only glass and crystal, but also some stone and resin.  Rachel kindly helped pose this picture for me during our break at work when I told her I was starting this Web site and sharing my hopes to share my interest with others :)

I made matching necklaces for Alexandra and myself years ago,which remind me of the warmest part of desert springs.  I didn't know she would like pinks but she liked mine so much that I made her a earthier version. I think this was before I became obsessed with silver and clear beads but had finally strayed away from hemp and peyote stitches.

A more recent piece for Rachel for the last Solstice.  A little reminiscent of the necklace made her above but added some leaves since she is such a good greenie.  These were some of my first experiments in playing more with wire.



  1. Oh Meadzilla, I wear that necklace all of the time and get compliments on it frequently! Did you know that I have a hard time deciding which of your creations to adorn myself with when I get up in the morning? Frequently I choose which necklace I feel like wearing and then build an outfit around it. That pretty much means that your jewelry is the star, right? Thank you for sharing your creativity with me!

  2. Wow! I didn't know I made stars!! Thanks Alla!! xoxoxo

  3. I feel so honored to have my creations by Mead featured on the blog! I was excited to pose with my necklace (well, ok, my hand was doing the posing ;)) and I wanted to support Mead in her endeavor. Thanks, Mead, for the beautiful gifts and lovely comments! I'm glad I can inspire you as you have been a great inspiration to me. :)


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