Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flora and Polinators

This post is for all the peeps who like to wear a little something special to liven up or get them through the day.  I see you out there and I know the uplifting feeling of adding a touch of extra you-ness to the day. Enjoy today your way! So, here is a little something I like to craft to brighten my outfits too...

Busy Bee Minding His Beeswax Business
Pic above- I took in Arroyo Seco NM.
Real life inspiration for crafts to wear with you all day.

My June Bug below: Perfect to wear as they come out this summer :)
Accompanied by a button rose I bought at Conspire.
Gotta support artists when I am inspired by their craft ideas.
Dressing up for work makes the day simply more fun in the morning and keeps it going all day long.  Dressing up with flowers helps keep me being my best self. It helps makes life feel splendid and charmed.  And but of course every flower needs its pollinator... it's only natural.

A different June Bug of mine, made of a stripey silk tie and an old muslin curtain and seashell button. Coupled with felt flower mom gave me for Xmas with awesome quilting like stitches gone crazy. I think she got it at an Etsy street fair. People are always commenting that they love it, ma! xo

A bedazzled bumble bee with a crystal from a broken vintage bracelet, polka-dot ribbon and felt.  Peace lily courtesy of SpellMonster Creations (the fantastic Alexandra)... one of my favorite types of flowers in real life and in paintings. I will have to share a pic of the felt broach ones I designed one day. Jenn gave me a great metal wasp pin once which for years I wore for luck some days. I think missing it motivated me to create more :)

Broaches- check! Sundress- check! Boots- check! 
And now I'm ready to go out!

And there's more where that came from!  Life is simply sweeter with a silk flower in your hair. You can get half a dozen at the dollar store for a satisfying assortment of choices when getting dressed.  I stitch bobby pins to mine which can also be clipped to clothes.  I wish I also had more of my grandma Hazel's old broaches and costume jewelry. You know what that also reminds me of? Shoe clips... aren't those just wonderful!  I need to make me some.


  1. I love this post! And I love wearing my pollinator that you made for me!

  2. This is National Pollinator Week!!!! – June 19-25 - An international celebration of the valuable ecosystem services provided by bees, birds, butterflies, bats and beetles. You can show your support for pollinators by buying local honey!


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