Saturday, June 18, 2011

Artisitc Media: Bikes and Clothing

One can encounter inspiring expression in the way people use themselves as canvases to be adorned.  This was the theme of the bike ride with the Tucson Bicycle Belles this week as we rode to the Loft Cinema to watch a movie about a street fashion photographer from the New York Times.  The film was called Bill Cunningham New York. It was sweetly inspiring to see this smiling modest man live out his love of finding beauty (for over 50 years) through the lens of his camera, whilst riding his bike about the city. He does not discriminate between high fashion and quirky ensembles, the rich and famous and the common commuter.  It was also Kylie's B-day -Happy Birthday Kylie!!

To get in the spirit for the film, many of us dressed up (something I simply can't pass up) .

The Yetman sisters - bright and refined!

Kristen in her tiara with the b-day girl, 
Kylie in a fabulously flowing dress. 

Yep, that's me rockin' the leopard print.
Phoenix took this pic before I headed out 
to meet the group at the gastropub Wilko

One of my favorite local artists, Janet Miller, 
who encouraged me to share my art blog 
with the Belles after sharing my enthusiasm 
with her about taking photos of the styles & event.
Janet has a great vintage, lace hat on and one of those 
neat antique style face silhouette necklaces to go with her stripey 
dress. See her innovative skirt guard on her bike!  I first met her when 
I joined in helping the bike decoration stop she organized at Cyclovia in 2010 :)

cute helmet fashion :)

Bicycle Belle with Bike Beau

the ride to the theater 
the desert summers are kind by giving us cool nights

another colorful pretty site 
our bikes all lined up before the theater

I sincerely see dressing up as an opportunity to articulate my joy of colors and my love of uniquely configured style. I enjoy days of tuning out of the material life as much as many folk do, but then there are those days where I am glad I have a closet full of playful and fanciful items to mix and match-  collected over time.

The Bicycle Belles are a new Tucson group that has Kylie and others have formed to create fun ways for women to ride fun places together and share great resources. I was excited to bring my camera along because I love the aesthetics of Tucson culture and was inspired by Bill to document our wonderful displays of life. Everyone looked quite lovely! I think I will join them again for their next picnic!


Thanks for chatting!