Thursday, April 21, 2011

What is more inspiring than ma' dog !?

Lucia de Guadelupe
wondrous and crowned with glowing sun ray warmth
regal, wise and discerning
my desert babe swaddled by nopales e estrellas
love endorsed by roses sweet
with la luna as her partner deity
and Tutuli cheerful cherub

Loosey is my muse, as she is in so many of my photos as well! Because she is a goddess, you know. Tutuli is the little cherub. heehee 

I have been drawing and painting again lately.  Hurray!  I am so happy to be giving myself time, space and energy for art and relaxing in my life.  It is so wonderful to crack out the craft supplies after lugging them around and collecting more, move after move for so long- always dreaming about my craft space.  It is starting to be realized!!  It may have been a year and half since I have drawn - amazingly enough, but I am not too surprised because time flies as usual and I continue to dabble here and there with other musings happily.  But it feels great to break out the water color!  I think I have forgotten what techniques I used to love to use in order to get gradients and layers, but it is coming back to me. I think it is all about the timing and drying.  Well this pic didn't quite do all that, but it does celebrate Lu through color.  I started it with a line drawing of the sort that you don't pick up your pen much.  I enjoy that style, where I draw outlines of shadows instead of shading. I do love to paint dogs.  Along with yards and nature, it the thing I think I have painted or drawn the most so far.  If anyone wants a pup painted let me know!