Sunday, February 1, 2009

If you would like one in your life:

add art to your life with pre-made  or custom ordered jewelry
using fine silver, crystal, hand-made glass, vintage beads,
and/or natural stones, seeds and woods

joyful, unique and delicious designs inspired by a love of nature

There are 3 options to choose from depending on how customized you enjoy your jewelry to be:

Option 1: Pick out the exact necklace on this site - with the specified beads and length
Option 2: Pick out a design from this site and let me know your length preference.
Option 3: Customize by picking out a design from this site, select a size and emphasize the colors and materials you love most.

Also available - request a set (earrings and/or bracelet to match).

Women's Standard Necklace Sizes:
16" Choker length
17-18" Will reach the collarbone
20" A few inches below collarbone
22" At or above neckline
24" A little Below the neckline
30" Below the chest



Depending on the materials, most necklaces are about $35, bracelets or earrings $14. Discounts for matching sets.
Can be paid by credit card through PayPal or contact me at to pay by check directly.


I use USPS Priority 1 Day Shipping for the price of $4.80.
All necklaces come in a decorated bag and are packaged to protect their fragility.


Solution Graphics

Jewelry Sets
Necklace Sizes

To pay through paypal you would want to set up an account which is very easy.
Go to

Then you can go to send money and you send money to my email address: and it will deposit the money from your account into mine.
No paper, no nonsense and very easy.

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