Saturday, March 7, 2009

Garden Show

The necklace with the light blue vintage German beads was for Kathryn for her birthday to match her eyes.  It also has swaravski crystals for bling against the mat white beads for contrast.  Lime green turquoise keeps it happy and bright along with pink and red bamboo coral (not endangered).  All of these beads came from various years at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show.  I mixed in both gold and silver seed beads for spacers and added a lovely clasp that has a modern touch.


The green necklace was for Sara's birthday. She is a Leo like me so she got peridot-extraordinaire.  It also has Bisbee turquoise, two forms of jade, handmade blue glass donut beads from an Oregon artist and silver. Some yellow crystal warms it up here and there. Sara helped me take some of these photos and encouraged me to create the blog.

The scorpion necklace in the bowl is the first choker I have worn or made in a long time.  Created with the classic combination of amber and turquoise which I have grown up with in the Southwest - only different because of the lovable unique whiteness of these round turquoise and also branching away form that classic style with the jade I added to emphasize that soft feel that the white turquoise contributed.  I think of a woman I met while working on a flower press project at a temp job in Seattle, who was an elderly woman from  China, when I see Jade.  She told me it give you strength and has old wisdom in it, is what I remember.

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