Friday, March 9, 2012

Things to Make My Love Smile

The Dusty Buskers are a big part of my life because it is such an important part of Phoenix's expression and arts family, plus I get to dance along with friends to my favorite kind of music and meet wonderful people in the towns they play in.  It is a very inclusive type of fun, so I enjoy giving back to him in my own creative ways...

This was a fun collage project because Phoenix and Stuart, aka the Dusty Buskers, love the Flight of the Concords.  Do you see how I mixed their imagery? Better yet... do you see the resemblance? A hilarious duo who gets in to ridiculous scenarios, are super talented, yet live these very real and quirky lives.

Bisbee Stiches-  from the Teeny Tiny Toy Store
Mark is a playful toy genius and a big sweetie who will custom make toys for you.  I ordered these two for the guys a couple years back and they still crack me up. Mark even made a tiny tiny merch case to match their real one.  It is fun to make them dance and Phoenix has brought the mini Stuey with him to shows when Stu can't be there. Heehee!  It just like when Jemaine quit Flight of the Conchords and Bret brought the cassette tape of Jemain to a gig.  I told you they were similar!

Phoenix and I came across Spandy Andy on the internets and fell in love with his goal to spread positivity.  He totally engages the audience with his joy and reminds me a lot of Phoenix's performing approach of connecting with people and really believing in making sure others catch on to that energy.  Phoenix kept talking about how he totally relates to him.  I asked Andy to dedicate a video to the Buskers and this is what we received!  Yay!!!

love ya dear
keep smiling!

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  1. What a sweet homage to your sweetie. Thanks for posting! - Frankie D. Rat


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