Saturday, April 30, 2011

publishing photography (yippeeee!)

Wowa!  It feels good expand be to sharing my visions of beautiful life this way.  With love to Phoenix, a photogenic guy, whom I gain creative life from by creating my own art through photography whilst he creates entertaining art with his fiddle.  Thanks to his help, I have been very excited to have photos printed on his new album, in the newspaper and in a magazine. Not all the photos are of his band, the Dusty Buskers, though.  The two in the magazine were to accompany Phoenix's writing assignment for a local urban arts scene magazine, Zocalo, and his publisher liked them! Hip hip hooray.  For me, this is a new form of collaboration, productivity and a little bit of recognition :)  

The Dusty Buskers' new album, Buskin', cover art.  Stuey asked for a shot with sky and lots of people, with busking in action.  I followed them to the Tucson Street fair, where they are frequent troubadours, to capture it.

This photo accompanies a Zocalo Magazine article on Valentine date ideas titled 'Have a Heart'. I love the bitter sweetness of the spine guarded purple prickly pear.  Phoenix turned me on to heart shaped cacti, I think, by giving me one as a gift once.  I took the photo in my Flower house front yard over a Lantana bush blooming last spring.  I jazzed it up in iPhoto by making the edges fuzzy for a dreamy effect and make it cartoony it by 'smoothing' the image.  I think I 'antique' effected it a little as well. This made up for the fact that it was taken on my phone. Alexandra gave me this particular cactus pad after I pined over it in her yard.

The Dusty Buskers buskin' at the Food Conspiracy Co-op's B-day party.  I just love the motion in this pic. This one was featured in the Silver City Sun News!
Update Feb 2012: This one also just made it into the Phoenix New Times with an interview of the band about the long Tucson history of the song they cover "We've Got Cactus".

Swap Meet!  Tanque Verde Swap Meet photos were taken while Phoenix was on assignment for an article about said flea market.  It was fun to see him in action getting the story from the family who has run the meet for almost 40 years.  The Swap Meet managers liked my photos' "color and composition" and even asked permission to use them for future events, plus Zocalo Magazine accepted them for the story! If you want full res pictures, I will be glad to share.  I love the Swap and hope I captured the quintessential aspects of the places character and color.

Another Update Feb 2012:

One of my favorite bands, Dylan Charles and the Border Crossers, has been using my photo for their web pages and promotion.  I took it on a tour of theirs in New Mexico.  This one is at a show in Pinos Altos at the Saloon and Opera House in a show called the Good Medicine Show played with the Dusty Buskers, Nowhere Man and Whiskey Girl and Stuart Oliver and the Desert Angels.

Continued update Feb 2012: This is sort of a chance for me to shine in this post, but I get a lot of hits on it, so I wonder if there are a lot of people out there interested publishing photography.  So far I have noticed that  being at exciting events in town helps and sharing those photos right away.  I love the conversations I have with avid photographers about their experiences with their cameras.  There seems to be an approach of friendly encouragement.  As far as accompanying the band press releases, most newspapers will not credit the photographer unless it is their own staff.  That is sad, but as am amateur, I am still encouraged. I do have hopes to publish my cloud photography in a book one day and if anyone has tips on that, they would be very appreciated.


  1. Ooh! Phoenix just picked up some of the May Zoloco in print (I was just looking on-line before)and found my Swap Meet luchadores photo on the cover! It is part of a collage of photos with mine right in the middle!

  2. The "Have A Heart" article is here: and the Swap Meet photos are here:


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